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The Team

Who We Are


Blake Armentano

Founder & CEO

As the founder of Oh-So Cycle, my mission is to create a space that allows people to become the best version of themselves both mentally and physically. 

Jacki Piha

Cycling Instructor

After needing a change of pace from my regular workouts, I took my first cycling class more than seven years ago and was instantly hooked. Before moving to Delaware, I taught cycling at some of the best studios in Philadelphia. Music is the most important part of my classes, which are sure to challenge you both mentally and physically. Whether I’m playing hip hop, pop, reggae, or classic rock, you can be assured that the music will dictate the ride. Above all else, it is important to me that riders of all fitness levels feel comfortable and ultimately successful at the end of every ride.


Risa Snapp

Cycling Instructor

I have been in the fitness industry since 2006 while working at the Little Bob as a Personal Trainer while in college.  After graduation, I worked in corporate fitness jobs for over 10 years.  Along with teaching at Oh So Cycle, I am the Head Coach of the University of Delaware Dance Team. My classes are based on the music, so come check out a class with me and feel the music through the bike! 

Abby Vanderloo

Cycling Instructor

When I took my first cycling class, I was not in a great place mentally. I decided to do something about it by hopping back into exercise— which is how I first found Oh-So Cycle. It was love at first ride, and in May 2022, I decided to switch from rider to instructor. My highest priority as the instructor is to make you feel accomplished and proud of yourself by the end of the ride. With each ride I plan, I consider the abilities and preferences of my class. I incorporate HIIT (high-intensity interval training), sprints, and a short upper-body workout, but most of all, I LOVE a good hill climb. ‘Don’t stop until you’re proud!’


Allie Wells

Cycling Instructor

I’m a 2020 UD grad now working as a cardiac nurse. I fell in love with Oh-so when I was in college and have stuck around ever since! Oh-so is more than a workout to me; it’s a community filled with some incredible people, good energy and great music. My goal for you is to leave my classes feeling stronger and more empowered than you did when you walked in. Come sweat, dance, sing and have some fun- hope to see you in the saddle soon!

Rayne Pucci

Cycling Instructor

As an Oh-So Cycle instructor, my goal is to make everybody on the bike feel their best both mentally and physically. I’m here to help you acknowledge when to challenge yourself, but also when to scale back and listen to your body. Any workout is a good workout. So, meet me on the bike to listen to some good music, push our limits, sweat, and most importantly, have fun!

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