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Your Health and Safety is Our Top Priority

What are we doing at Oh-So Cycle to keep our riders as safe as possible?

1. We set up see-through, spacious partitions between every single bike to ensure safe social distancing, called safe-spaces. 

2. We equipped our studio with HEPA air filters. 

3. We require only four people to come into the reception room at a time to check-in and put their belongings in a locker. Once they are on a bike, the next four riders may enter from outside. 

4. We deep clean all bikes, safe-spaces and other highly trafficked areas in the studio in between every ride. 

5. We require all riders to wear a mask until they are seated on the bike, in their safe-space.

6. We require all riders to utilize our two sanitizing checkpoints - entering the reception room and entering the spin room.

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